International War Veterans Poetry Archives (IWVPA)

The IWVPA Club Theme Projects

Information and Rules

In an attempt to promote the writing of at least one poem per month by IWVPA Club Members, the idea of a monthly theme was introduced. Not only was it thought that this may assist to inspire those who are suffering “writer’s block” but having a set subject about which to write may provide a unique focus in what is generally an most acceptably, a non-specific subject orientated writing forum.

Each month, a theme is chosen at random. Members of the IWVPA Club are advised of the theme via the IWVPA Club Site and may submit a poem or story relating to the theme. As a guideline, the “theme word” need not be actually used but the piece should be constructed so as to leave no doubt about the theme even if the theme word is not included in either the body or the title of the article.

In addition to being included on the Monthly Theme Index website, all submissions are also added to the respective member’s main Index on either the main IWVPA Website or on the IWVPA Club Index; which location will depend on the member’s interpretation of the theme. War/Veteran related interpretations will be added to the member’s main index; all others are added to the member’s club index.

Participation in the Theme project is limited to members of the on-line IWVPA Club but is not mandatory. If, however, a theme particularly inspires a member, there is no limit to the number of submissions permitted. As is the unerring rule with all IWVPA sponsored projects, this is NOT a competition and it attracts no awards or special recognition other than the accolades (or otherwise) from one’s peers.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Webmaster and Literary Editor
February 21, 2005