IWVPA Policies and Information

Writing Submissions

The fact that you have navigated your way to this page leads me to assume that you are considering submitting an article of your work to the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives (IWVPA) for display on the web site. Based on this premise, I will try to provide you with information that may assist you to make that decision.

The IWVPA is a private, non-registered, voluntary organisation set up to provide a public facility to display writings (poetry and short stories) about war and the consequences of war.

Submissions to IWVPA may be made by any person, War Veteran or non-War Veteran, from any nation, about any war or conflict, from the perspective and point of view of any participant, witness, or interested party. The submission may be fact or fiction (or a combination of both) but must relate to War, Veterans, and/or the consequences of War (e.g. on families, friends, country, health, welfare etc.).

Copyright and ownership is retained, in full, by the Author and further Copyright information is available on the page, Copyright Information, which is included on the “About IWVPA” index…

The acceptance or otherwise of any submission for inclusion on the IWVPA web site is at the sole discretion of the Web Master.

Once a submission is received, it will be reviewed and if deemed appropriate, will be added to the site. The format of the submission on the web site is at the discretion of the webmaster. However, where the format of the piece is an integral or crucial aspect of the submission, such formatting as requested and described by the author, shall be adhered to as closely as possible, but within the limitations of the webmaster’s expertise.

An index page that shall contain an index with a link to each of the writings on the index shall be created.

If this is your first submission, please ensure that you include the following information:

  • your full name (or first name, middle initial and last name),
  • the full title of your article, and
  • the date that your poem or short story was created
  • an English translation of your submission if it is in a language other than English
  • advice as to whether or not you wish your email address included on your index page.

and, if desired,

  • your alias or nickname,
  • a short biography (of up to about 200 words),
  • a photograph, and
  • a link (and banner if available) to your personal site or one which displays your writings.

These options, if provided, may be added to your personal index page subject to editing by the IWVPA Webmaster

Please note that if, at any time, the link that you provide is not operational, it will be removed from your index page without notification. Reinstatement of the link will made be at the Webmaster’s discretion.

Email Submissions and requests for further information may be made by using the IWVPA Contact Form, or by emailing me at: IWVPA: Literary Submissions. I will respond personally and as promptly as circumstances permit.

All submissions will be acknowledged by email and, if accepted for inclusion, will include details to enable you to navigate to the location on the site where your submission(s) is/are displayed.

Thank you and I look forward to receiving your submission.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Web Master
Sunday February 24, 2002