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The following is the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the IWVPA.net web site. In this policy, I describe what personal information is collected on our web site, how we use it, and your options regarding information we may collect about you. If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact me at:

IWVPA Webmaster
3 (Lot 33) Bremer Road

Terms of Use:

Visitors and guests must seek written permission to use any material original to this site. Use of copyrighted material requires permission of the copyright owner. The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives (IWVPA) will make every reasonable effort to determine the copyright holder’s name for all writings, graphics and content used, and to give proper credit thereto. If any viewer, reader or contributor becomes aware of any copyright material on the IWVPA website for which proper credit is not given, please contact the webmaster and that matter will be corrected in a timely manner.

Privacy: Visitors and Readers

IWVPA.net does not collect any information about individual visitors to our web site for any reason. If a visitor elects to share their email address or other personal particulars by sending an email IWVPA, that information is never shared with any other organization or individual without specific prior approval which the IWVPA webmaster shall seek to obtain. The two exceptions to this undertaking are:

When a visitor or reader elects to leave a message containing such information in the IWVPA guestbook – that information is public property and, although it may be commented upon by the webmaster and appended to the specific entry in the guestbook, such comments will be confined to that forum, and,

When a reader requests contact with a contributor to the IWVPA site. In this circumstance, a private email will be forwarded to that contributor on behalf of the person making the request, with future communication being at the discretion of the contributor and the requestor.

Privacy: Contributors

Clients may elect to share personal information in the form of a photograph, short biography, or general comments. All such comments (including the biography) will be transcribed and added to the site in the 3rd person and only with specific approval of the contributor.

An email address of the contributor will not be displayed unless prior specific approval is given and on such occasions, that email address will be encoded so as to ensure advertising spiders cannot harvest those email address.

Any communication received by IWVPA regarding a specific contributor for the use of any information on the website will be forwarded to the contributor. IWVPA will acknowledge receipt of the request but will not make any decision regarding the use or otherwise of any poems, writings or information that is included on the website (unless such information is clearly the property of the webmaster). The webmaster undertakes to advise the copyright holder (owner) of such requests for the sole purpose of the holder/owner making the decision without any involvement by IWVPA except as previously mentioned.

Without equivocation and at any time, a contributing poet or author may rescind their participation in the IWVPA Project, and may request the removal of any or all of their intellectual property from the IWVPA website at any time without question or fear of ill-feeling. All such property remains the property of that contributor at ALL times and a request by the owner or legal representative of such material shall result in the requested article(s) being removed in a timely manner and with no public comment by IWVPA or the webmaster.

Likewise, a contributor may make any change deemed appropriate to their works, and may update, edit, upgrade, or revise any of their previously submitted writings, photographs and information. Such requests for changes will be actioned in a timely manner by the IWVPA Webmaster, again without equivocation.

All data compiled about any individual shall, unless otherwise requested, be available for public viewing on the contributors’ section of the IWVPA website, identified by a personal index (or an index set up for a specific tribute). Information not meant for public viewing will be deleted immediately and will not be retained by IWVPA in any form.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives
Sunday April 18, 2004