Welcome to IWVPA

This section of the site has been constructed by and for War Veterans as a repository for all forms of poetry and short stories written by or about men and women who served with the Armed Forces or in an official capacity on behalf of their respective country.

For the purposes of clarity only, the IWVPA defines a veteran as, but not limited to:

  • any person who serves or has officially served in the military of their respective country in time of war (declared or otherwise),
  • any person acting in a humanitarian capacity during any period of war, conflict, police action, peace keeping mission, or
  • any person who, at any time, was sent into harm’s way on behalf of their respective country.

Veterans and friends of Veterans of all nations are invited to contribute poems and/or short stories for publication in the archives. Submissions may be fact or fiction (or a combination of both) but must relate to War, Veterans and/or the consequences of war (e.g. on families, friends, country, health, welfare etc.)

The importance of these archives resides in the fact that they may be freely accessed by the public, by Veterans and their families, history students, and other interested individuals or groups. Of course, international copyright laws restrict the reproduction of any work unless prior consent (in writing) is obtained from the author or his/her lawful representative.

The International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives does not glorify the subject of war but provides an avenue to presents the thoughts, feelings and emotions of men and women of all nations who have experienced a time in their lives when they faced the vulnerability of their own mortality. It is hoped that your visit here will enrich your understanding of what our Grandfathers, Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Sons, and Daughters have experienced at first hand.

These poems and stories are a timeless record of War and its consequences. Important to remember is how our freedoms were won and for the trustees of our heritage, the writers, to know their words are not penned in vain. Please write your thoughts in our Guest Book so that all may share them.

Thank You.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Web Master