Jeanette Zobjeck


8:00 am 16 Jan 1967

Chicago: O’Hare field

Board a plane… almost 200 strong.
Fly – – seems like forever – – land at Oakland, CA.

Bus to a departure facility, get jungle fatigues, pack up and send home things that you won’t need.



Another plane… fly to Hawaii
Change planes: fly to the Philippines… next stop, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam

Hot, sweating… smell of jet fuel
Evening comes, still sitting on my duffel
Twin burning eyes of the phantoms taking off

Morning, a bus, into Saigon… the fabled city of Vietnam

A short nap

Time to see the city before I move on to – – wherever (somewhere up north)

Civvies, Piasters, Thirsty – a beer sounds good.

Out and about, walk out the door – – salute the guard – – – – on the ground, guard on top of me === Noise




What had been a young baby now blood and flesh scattered everywhere – left in the center of the road on a grenade,

Me – – alive but shaken: I still relive that day 43 years later.

Welcome to Vietnam