Dennis W. Zineal

Chapter 5: The Future


And quite by surprise do I find myself
Standing on a sunny hillside in spring
Among a patch of crocus plants
inhaling the fresh flowery fragrance

With slight awe do I survey the scene
In wonder I gaze upon the bright sun
hanging in a blue sky speckled with white
A slight breeze arranges my hair

I suddenly realize that I am a part
of the forces around me and then I stop.
I close my eyes and I am at peace
A feeling not felt since before Nam.

I force the war into my conscious.
I feel no pain, just an empty sadness.
It was not my fault, and I let it go.
As I stare at the crocus I feel hope

Hope for the future, a late start
But a beginning, like the appearance
of the crocus in spring, a symbol of renewal
My life is dawning and I thank you.