Dennis W. Zineal

Chapter 2: Intervention


Her silhouette is dark and eerie
As she steers her mighty mass
Through waves of frothy foam
In the moonlight does she pass

Inside her heavy steel hull
Her citizens rush fore and aft
They tune their house for battle
Each knowing their one life raft

In her galley the scuttlebutt races
Her crew fear that which is untold
Until the Captain’s voice speaks
With authority strong and bold

We have our orders here in hand
Our engines are going full bore
We’re off to Vietnam you see
It’s the biggest festering sore

We are ordered to stand a watch
By a city so close to the sea
To keep harm from our people
And to stay there till they’re free

Each of you know your station
Each of you know the drill
Do your job with your usual best
And hopefully we won’t have to kill