Dennis W. Zineal

Chapter 1: The Beginning


I know a girl named Peggie Sue
Hair of gold and eyes so blue
She did party with the lads
Now she has no use for pads

Sound off… one …two
sound off… three… four
sound off one two three four

With this cadence did I learn
How to march and how to turn
When to stop and when to go
When to make the unit glow

Away from the world was I sent
To make those Viet Cong repent
To fight for freedom in their land
And take those people by the hand

Now that war is long since lost
How to measure the years of cost?
How to erase the pain of war?
How to loose that ugly whore?

I know a girl name Sally Ann
She’s all girl, she ain’t no man
She played music all night long
Listen to her words in song

Sound off… Don’t go
Sound off… Stay home
Sound off don’t go stay home