Yellow Ribbon Foundation


12 months ago Britain was held in the clutches of Industrial Action and military action in Iraq. A group of women met on the iVillage Families in the Forces community message board and, discovering they were not the only ones to feel alone at a time of great hostility towards the Armed Forces, they supported and comforted each other in many different ways. One of these was to show people that, military action aside, there was no reason why you could not support the Armed Forces. By wearing a yellow ribbon close to the heart, the Yellow Ribbon Campaign was born – a way to show the nation how proud we are of the men and women serving in the British Armed Forces wherever they may be in the world, and whatever their role.

The News of the World joined the campaign to get the whole country behind our brave Service men and women in the Gulf. And it was a huge success; ribbons appeared all over the country and, as the Armed Forces began the rebuild of Iraq the Yellow Ribbon Campaign changed its name to the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, wanting to build upon the work started by the original campaign.

Our work continues but there is still a lot more for us to do. We already provide informal and impartial support for the Armed Forces and their families through our community message board and “official” website. Airwaves, the Naval Families Federation and the Army Families Federation are helping us to ensure that the right information gets to the people who need it. Where families do not live within the traditional “Married Quarters”, our organization is able to help them find the information and contacts they need. We recognise the need for ensuring informal and impartial information is available to those who might otherwise not receive it.

We began with the wearing of yellow ribbons. Since then we have raised money for charity, expanded communication channels to include families outside the traditional Military structure, given unending support to the Forces and their extended families and, hopefully, given the public a bigger understanding of just what the British Armed Forces are about. But above all else, we are proud to be “the Force Behind the Forces”.

On Thursday 25th March 2004 it will be the first anniversary of the Yellow Ribbon Foundation. Providing support for anyone with a British Armed Forces connection, and run by Royal Air Force wife Victoria Evans, we touched the whole country with our Yellow Ribbon Campaign to show support for the Armed Forces. People gave their support one year ago to our campaign; we ask you all to visit our website at and pledge your support again for the British Armed Forces – wherever they are and in whatever role they play