Thurman P. Woodfork


Thurman P. Woodfork: Waking to SadnessThough I’ve often felt loss before,
It never becomes easy to bear;
As another steps through life’s door
I find it impossible not to care.

All the soothing sounds we make
All the platitudes we say,
Can’t my quiet melancholy take
Nor lift the sadness of that day.

As my life slowly unfolds
I’m sure that I will always find
Wistful thoughts from days of old
Gently coursing through my mind.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July;
Could that dreaming sorrow be for
Those genuine patriots who had to die
To protect these nurturing shores?

So many of us have put aside
Personal differences, anger, pain
Because of our national pride
And not for any selfish gain.

Not for red states, not for blue
Did we fight and bleed and strive;
It was not for some political hue
That we offered our very lives.

For the friends fighting at our side,
Living embodiments of our land,
That is why we fought and died;
That is why we took that stand.

During tomorrow’s celebrations,
When banners snap against the sky,
Remember those who preserved the nation;
Remember the patriots who had to die.