Thurman P. Woodfork


The unquestioning love in a small child’s eyes;
The gentle, warm faithfulness in a lover’s sighs,
The essential reliance of soldiers in each other,
Strong and vital as that between brothers,

Trust in all its many manifestations
Forms the bedrock of lasting relations.
Trust that’s enduring and eternally steadfast
Nourishes and protects a love that will last

Through all the travails that life has to give,
Easing the journey for as long as one lives.
Trust is quiet and self-effacing
And does not set the heart to racing;

It has no need of flamboyant speech,
Does not force one to kneel or beseech.
Trust doesn’t require a fervent prayer,
For, unless betrayed, it is always there.

Vietnam – 1966
Vietnam – 1966 ~ Woody is seated center front. Photograph ©Copyright 1966 by David Honey

This poem and photograph inspired the article, “Recollection” – ©Copyright April 23, 2005 by JJ McCloud