Thurman P. Woodfork


There are many things that bother me,
I’m filled with sadness and ennui,
And deeper pain that you can’t see;
My soul is begging, “Set me free.”

But something in me says, “Oh no,
I’ll never, ever let you go;
I need your sorrow so I can grow,
Your constant pain is my life’s flow.”

I look around with jaded eyes
At all the things that life denies,
As all the while my heart still cries
And vainly reaches toward the skies.

There must be better things for me;
If I just bring myself to agree
And rise up from my aching knees,
I know I can set my own self free.

If I find the strength within my heart,
To step across self-imposed ramparts,
And draw myself a new life’s chart,
It would give rebirth a chance to start.

For of all the enemies I have found
That tried to chain me to the ground,
Keep me blind, gagged, and bound
Only one could ever hold me down.

That’s the demon that is mostly me.
It nurtures the pain you can’t see;
It refuses to leave and let me be,
And it keeps my soul crying to be free.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Gil Lewis