Thurman P. Woodfork


As long as babies snatch lollipops from one another,
There will be war.
As long as you do not regard me as your brother,
I will have a cause I believe is worth fighting for.

When I have plenty while you hunger and thirst
And I make no effort to ease your needs,
You’ll despise me for satisfying my comfort first,
And call my selfishness what it is, simple greed.

There will be war between you and me.
I will fight to retain all that I own;
You will seek to pry some portion of it free,
Even if your only weapon is a stone.

It’s survival of the fittest, built deep into our genes;
It causes me to scheme and form shaky alliances
That enable me and mine to buy designer jeans
And fancier cars than yours, and bigger appliances.

All the while God watches from the Knowledge Tree
As we strive and contend with fury and angry voices.
We never pause to think He surely could see
What would happen if He gave us our free choices.

Once He pushed us naked from Eden and closed the door
The gig was up, the fat in the fire, the die irrevocably cast.
Our time on earth was doomed to death and war;
There would be no lasting peace from that day to the last.

One wonders what plan He could be working toward
Unless… He was just utterly, completely, Cosmically Bored.
What else is Man so admirably designed for
Other than interminable, consuming, bloody war?

Thurman P. Woodfork: There Will Be War