Thurman P. Woodfork


What a monstrous sight, this picture of America’s best casually discarded in an ignominious pile. It burns like a dagger seared through the chest. What is to be gained by displaying human beings like trophies from a safari?

I wonder if the sight of these young people, flung aside like worthless rubbish, has changed the resolve of those remaining who offered to stand like human shields before the perpetrators of this hateful abomination. Some ‘shields’ have already left in shock after discovering the depth of the depravity of the regime that they had come to protect.

I can think of no surer way to steel the resolve of their fellows to avenge the desecration of these compatriots who fought honorably and perished ignobly. These were people who had come not out of a desire to conquer another people, or for personal gain, but because they felt that they were preserving their own freedoms. Or simply because they were following orders.

They did not deserve this. One can only hope that those who are responsible, who slyly pretend to surrender and then attack from behind a white flag, will discover here on earth a measure of the hell that awaits them after death.

Thurman P. Woodfork: The Deadly Drumbeat