Thurman P. Woodfork


Thurman P. Woodfork: The Catacombs of My MindLost in memory’s catacombs,
Searching for some hint of light,
Trying to find a little relief
From this long, infernal night.

Burning hooches’ flickering flames,
Paint shadows on stygian walls,
Providing no real illumination as
I stumble through darkness and fall.

Phantom voices cry out in pain;
I hear curses, and anguished moans,
But no matter how frantically I search,
I remain lost and alone.

Forlorn specters haunt these chambers,
Somber and deep within my mind;
Remembered pain and mocking death
Are the only companions I’ll ever find.

Inspired by the poem, “Stumbling Through the Catacombs” – ©Copyright May 16, 2008 by Terry D. Sutherland