Thurman P. Woodfork


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: March 1, 2003
Awarded: March 1, 2003

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Photo ©Copyright circa 1968 by Lyman Rigby
Photo ©Copyright circa 1968 by Lyman Rigby
Down through all the mourning years
Fortunately, I have come to find,
Untouched by echoes of recurring fears
This special corner in my mind

Where demons do not come to play
And plague my nights or fret my days
With memories of that bygone fray.
One day, I heard a quiet voice say:

“In this place gloom may not exist;
This is for those who did not die.
There’s no need to sit and list
Comrades for whom we have to cry.”

“Savor the guitar lightly strummed,
Join in the games of pickup ball
And snatches of song softly hummed;
Laze a while on a sandbagged wall.”

“Glittering stars in a black velvet sky,
Blaze like gems in the tranquil night,
And breezes soft as a baby’s sigh
Bear no danger with the fading light.”

Brief those moments may have been
However, they did indeed exist.
Peaceful time spent with friends,
Away from war’s inhuman fist.

So, take the time to search them out
From where you’ve hidden them away;
They’re still there, without a doubt
Ready to soothe and brighten your day.

Look deep within, I’m sure you’ll find,
Green and bright and dappled with sun,
That peaceful corner in your mind…
I know that God made more than one.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Garland Young, who, at times, grows weary of sad songs.

Photo ©Copyright circa 1968 by David Honey
Photo ©Copyright circa 1968 by David Honey