Thurman P. Woodfork

(A City Boy Remembers Montana’s Glacier National Park)

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry:  May 12, 2005
Awarded: May 12, 2005
Children fishing a wooded stream
Bring back memories, like a dream
Of peace – the peace that I once knew
Before the sadness came and grew.

It was not ‘silence’ that I heard
Not me – I listened to the birds
The music of water rushing by,
And gentle breezes like a sigh.

I heard the crickets’ strident calls,
Reveled in peace, held in thrall.
Cares soothed by idyllic woods,
I should have stayed, while I could

Beside that melodic forest brook.
I should have done what it took
To remain forever near its banks,
Exploring down its tree-lined flanks.

Instead, I left and lived a war;
I lost my peace forevermore.
All the brooks that dance to sea
Will never bring it back to me.

Zachary Rogers, Trout Fishing - May 2005Michaela Rogers, Trout Fishing - May 2005Zachary and Michaela Rogers, Trout Fishing – May 2005: Photographs ©Copyright May 2005 by Mary E. Rogers