Thurman P. Woodfork


Jim Vible Praying at “The Wall” for Vic Romano
Jim Vible Praying at “The Wall” for Vic Romano
Photograph ©Copyright 2001 by Linda Vible
And we stand watching, watching
With muted protest and silent tears;
feeling the pain renew within us.

We turn from the familiar, chaotic
scenes of death and mayhem before
us to look up toward the heights
where dwell the Fomenters, the greedy,
uncaring Instigators… and we ask, in
weary, futile anger, Why? Why? Why?

We are not Atlas, to bear the burdens
of the unheeding world on our shoulders,
suffering in heroic, stoic silence our
ultimately unappreciated sacrifices.

Neither are we Prometheus, chained
and damned to recurring torture as
reward for the selfless service rendered
to those in need.

When will it end? When will you be
satisfied? Will your lust for power and
riches ever be sated? What will be the
ultimate result?

We are mortal flesh; we cannot pass
unscathed through the furnace of your
rapacious ambitions.

Dare we suggest that you step down
from your lofty eminences to grasp the
swords yourselves in pursuit of the
gratification of your own desires?

Dare we invite you?

Come – join our ranks.