Thurman P. Woodfork


There will certainly never be an end
To war’s recurrent hell
While ‘realists’ shrug their shoulders
With a fatalistic, “Oh well.”

“There are no gods to help you;
You only pray in vain;
So raise your children in anticipation
Of going to war again.”

Therefore, cover up your heads
And not even bother to try
For that’s the way life must be
Beneath these godless skies.

Tell me, what’s the difference
if I do nothing more than pray,
Or sit in mute acceptance
Of whatever comes my way?

For those who don’t believe in God,
I say that is their right,
But please do not discourage me
From reaching for His light.

Though I have chosen to believe
There’s nothing I will say
To move them from their chosen paths
As they travel through life’s days.

And when life ends, if I am wrong,
Then what have I really lost?
If they are wrong when time runs out,
It’s not I who’ll pay the cost.

This poem prompted the response, “God and War – Reality Part 5” – ©Copyright February 13, 2007 by Colin F. Jones