Thurman P. Woodfork


I was just talking with a friend about the possible loss of his compensation in this reevaluation of PTSD eligibility. They take away his compensation, and he’s going to lose his home and property, essentially be out on the street with his two Purple Hearts for comfort and evidence of the appreciation of a grateful nation. Crap like this is why my stomach churns every time somebody starts waving the Flag with a lot of flatulence about ‘supporting the troops’.

These blood sucking summer soldiers who, for the most part, avoided military service altogether or never sacrificed in any material way in support of this country if they did wear a uniform, are despicable. They’re crapping on the military and getting away with it. Poor Dubya is so worn out from his participation in the war effort that he’s had to retreat to Crawford for five months to recover. Poor man’s so overworked and stressed out that he doesn’t even have time to talk to a Gold Star mother standing outside the gates of his ranch. He has sent word that he feels her pain, though. And of course, he supports the troops. Especially the ones fighting in the war he started with lies.

Senator Warner is trying to screw up Senator Nelson’s SBP bill, but I’m sure he’ll tell you how much he appreciates and supports the troops. What I don’t understand is why the troops, and ex-troops, who are being screwed over and shelled by this new kind of ‘friendly fire’ are taking it so quietly. Maybe they’ll find that they and the so-called ‘Service Organizations’ will find their voices when their benefits get severely reduced or wiped out and they find themselves standing in soup lines and/or begging for medical care. In the meantime, don’t forget to support the troops… and Haliburton.

Well, so much for ranting; I didn’t accomplish much of anything, and I really don’t feel all that much better.