Thurman P. Woodfork


One cannot protest slaughter
With words of sweet accord:
Peace often needs strong arms
Wielding finely honed swords.

Never forget that words are
The mightiest weapons of all,
Their insidious influence is able
To hold entire nations in thrall.

We are not moved to battle
By gentle words of peace,
Can entreaties softly uttered
Cause roaring guns to cease?

I will not whisper ‘Peace’
Like a cooing turtle dove;
When the carnage has ended,
Then speak to me of love.

I’ll thunder to the heavens
Of my anguish and my pain –
Until the gods relent and send
Peace back to me again.

This response was prompted by the poem, “Words of War… Or Peace” – ©Copyright February 8, 2007 by Anthony W. Pahl, and together, the poems inspired the poems of friendship, “Speaking of Peace” – ©Copyright February 12, 2007 by Faye Sizemore and “Why Can’t We All Get Along?” – ©Copyright February 12, 2007 by Gary Jacobson