Thurman P. Woodfork


Mark, Juan and Dee
Mark, Juan and Dee
Photograph ©Copyright by Thurman P. Woodfork
Fondly viewed through my mind’s eye,
Ever youthful, ever spry,
Live those friends of bygone days,
Full of pranks and cheerful ways.

Were we really so carefree,
Or is it that I prefer to see
Them ambling down my memory’s lane
Free of sorrow, free from pain?

Why hold on to life’s grim parts;
Why not recall the lighter hearts?
After all, I can choose
To paint my past in somber hues

Or dip my brush in summer sun
And make my landscapes bright with fun.
Yes, I think – just for today –
I will use no shades of gray.

It’s enough that, when I sleep,
I hear voices softly weep.

This poem prompted the response, “Choices – A Response” – ©Copyright February 24, 2003 by Lou J. Klaiber