Thurman P. Woodfork


I stood high on a mountain in Spain,
Gazing out over the world
Lazily wondering what was to come
As my future life unfurled.

Tiny figures far below moved about
Their lives, totally unaware
Of the young estranjero[•] far above
Peacefully daydreaming there.

Mountain flowers perfumed the air,
Scenting the gentle breeze,
And I settled myself on a rock,
Lolling, contented, at ease.

Why, I wondered was I so
Comfortable that far from home;
Even more, why was I perfectly
Satisfied, sitting there all alone?

Worldly problems were far away,
I was completely at peace with all,
Communing happily with wind
And sky, untroubled by duty’s call.

No special event happened that day;
No tranquil idyll held me in thrall.
So why do I still remember the time
I just sat and did nothing at all?

Lanjaron in the Sierra Nevada region of Spain
A view of the township of Lanjaron in the Sierra Nevada region of Spain