Thurman P. Woodfork


Thurman P. Woodfork: HomecomingAn end to snipers
And IED flak
While patrolling the
Ominous streets 0f Iraq;

Peace and tranquility
Now rule his land;
He no longer treads
The bloody sands.

His time has ended in
The service of the sword;
He sleeps in peace in the
Arms of the Lord.

My son, my child, my
Hope for the future,
His uniform concealing
The surgeon’s sutures

That could not stay
His ebbing life,
And return him whole
Again to his wife

And his own sons who
In sorrow weep
Over the coffin where
Their hero now sleeps.

The rifles fire,
The bugles play,
Honoring the end
Of his earthly days.

I turn away, and
Stifle a curse;
I see approaching
Another hearse,

For the snipers remain
As does IED flak
For others who patrol
Deadly streets in Iraq.