Thurman P. Woodfork

(The Warmer Side of Memorial Day)

High Steppin’ John went home today
As a group of us old friends gathered to pray
While remembering the times we’d spent together
In many different places, and in all kinds of weather

But soon the sadness gave way to smiles
As we began to remember the lighthearted miles
Our feet had danced over as the years eased by:
There really was no need to cry.

For High Steppin’ John wasn’t called that by chance
His time here had been graced with joy and romance;
His nature caused him to transcend the mundane
Which is how he came to be tagged with that name.

He could out-drink three men, and out-work them, too
And he’d sing you a little song when things got blue,
For mopin’ and bitchin’ weren’t part of his game
And the people he befriended soon felt the same

Yep, High Steppin’ John went home today
With many a warm thought to bless his way
Though the light, just now, may seem a tad dim,
It shone brighter for years because of him.

So ladies and gents, good friends gathered here,
Let’s remember him as he lived, and be of good cheer
We’ve sent him on his way, now belly up for some beers;
We’ll reminisce about old John with eyes free of tears.

Author’s Note: For all the good friends who’ve gone on