Thurman P. Woodfork


In these days of strife and sorrow,
A veteran broods over tomorrow
As he remembers battles past
And regrets his were not the last,

For now his kids have gone away
Caught up in this current fray,
And his heart is filled with dread
That they’ll be among the dead

Who animate his nightly dreams,
With recreations of fearsome scenes
He had prayed would dim and fade;
Instead, he’s getting a new upgrade.

So the innocent continue to die
As their leaders connive and lie
In their lust for power and wealth,
Totally immersed, as usual, in self.

People can be such trusting sheep,
Expecting elected shepherds to keep
The flock safe from lupine harm,
Blithely refusing to heed the alarms.

And they’re always so surprised
When, with sadly opened eyes,
They discover they’ve been ill-used;
There they are: betrayed and abused.

So, as generations come and go,
Exploitation continues to flow
‘Round about our naïve pates;
‘Manipulated’ seems to be our fate.