Thurman P. Woodfork


Thurman P. Woodfork: Fame
Mac, AKA/WAM3 (William A. McLaughlin, III) the guy on the right in the trio standing behind the seated two-fisted drinker in the picture, sent me a letter in Montana addressed to “T. Metalspoon”, which was deposited promptly into my mailbox. He had a great tenor singing voice as well as a warped sense of humor. We had some memorable times in Barcelona.
What the hell does a GI know of fame?
How does that figure in with his game
Of ducking the brass and scamming Old Sarge
While narrowly avoiding being hit with a charge
Of ‘Failure to Repair’ for that extra time
Spent shacked up in town instead of on the line?

He might be famous for drinking more booze
Than anybody else while on that Med cruise
Or the fastest time in the Barefoot Dash
When he discovered that ‘lady’ demanding cash
Was a Billy Boy built to the exact same specs
As any male who ever swabbed a deck.

Or, maybe the reason for his great renown
Is the time he won the undisputed crown
As the best trader with the smoothest rap
When he managed to con an unsuspecting chap
Into supplying all the fixings for a squadron spree
For four hundred bucks in outdated MPC[•].

It’s an elusive thing, this whimsical fame
And your average GI ain’t looking for acclaim
He’s more concerned with managing his day
In order to keep well out of the way
Of Chiefs and Tops and Gunnies and the rest
A day free of them is an unqualified success.

Submitted for the May 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fame