Thurman P. Woodfork


Thurman P. Woodfork: Death SpeakWhat does death sound like? Is it the sharp, piercing whine of a ricochet? The shocking, body-bouncing, earth-rippling, fearsome thunder of explosions from close air support? The deadly chunk of enemy mortars? Is it the ragged, ghastly gasps of desperate respiration from one clinging tenaciously to life? The soft susurration of a final breath as the reluctant soul departs its earthly harbor? The keening, sad wail of a mourner’s deep anguish? The primal, feral, teeth bared, triumphant howl of an exultant warrior as his foe falls, bloody and vanquished? Or just mind-numbed, weary sighs from prematurely aged young men, too soon accustomed to such things, subconsciously mourning the untimely demise of youthful innocence?