Thurman P. Woodfork


Photo courtesy of US Air Force/MSgt Brian Nickey
Photo courtesy of US Air Force/MSgt Brian Nickey
Nervous, untried, energetic,
and full of eager bravado;
uncertainty concealed
behind the fanciful swagger
of an Old West desperado.

Bright eyed and alert for
the slightest sign of possible
disbelief in his ability to
perform from his buddies,
set to counter with the agile
reflexes of a thief.

There he is, filled with all
the malleable enthusiasm of
inexperienced youth, still
relying on elders and teachers
to impart to him the unbiased

Somewhat like a primed farm
field, open and receptive, yet far
too complex to just be though of as
fallow. It seems wholly inadequate
to describe him simply as ‘callow’.
Open for tutoring, he presents a
truly awesome responsibility.

Submitted for the May 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Callow