Thurman P. Woodfork


Operation Yellowstone: Vietnam ~ December 1967 - March 1968
Operation Yellowstone
Vietnam ~ December 1967 - March 1968

Napalm Attack: Vietnam 1966
Napalm Attack: Vietnam 1966
Recalling the lyrics of a gentle love song
Helps drive unwelcome thoughts away;
Building dream castles in your mind
Serves to keep the ghosts at bay…

“My romance doesn’t need
A castle rising in Spain,
Nor a dance to a constantly
Surprising refrain…”[•]
But you need the pleasant memories
The words conjure up to help as a
Distraction against recurring pain.

“No month of May, no twinkling stars,
No hideaway, no soft guitars…”[•]

Dammit! Faintly, a guitar begins to weep
And the aroma of napalm starts to seep
Into feverish thoughts as rifles crack.
So much for curbing this flashback.