Thurman P. Woodfork


If you’re weary of hiding and can no longer run,
then leave your bunker and come out into the sun;
abandon that ultimately useless drink
in favor of someone that you think
Is worthy of your trust.

Confess the hidden fears that combust
and nurture those recurring dreams
that shatter your sleep with mental screams.
Tell of the things that sear your soul
and ignite the anger, flaring hot then cold.

Stop saying, “You just can’t understand,”
forcing loved ones to raise their hands
and leave you to wrestle all alone
with demons that crept into your very bones.

Do it: do it and you may find surcease
from haunting memories and gain release
from the anguish of pain unexpressed
that rends the heart twisted in your chest
by the agonizing, secret memories you keep.

Vomit it up; purge your soul and sleep.