Thurman P. Woodfork


You spoke to me of Brotherhood;
Told me how much you cared
Explained to me the eternal bond
That we, in fraternity, would share

Soothed my ears with earnest words
That sang golden upon the air.
But when in need I turned to you
I found that you were not there.

It would seem that your ‘Brothers’
Must always agree with you
For anything that you believe
Like the Holy Grail, is true.

But, all unaware, I let dissent
Dance upon my lips one day
And in an instant I discovered
Brotherhood had slipped away.

Vanished as though it had never been
Not a trace of it to be found
And I was left bewildered,
Searching for the tie that bound

Us together forever in a bond
You’d declared stronger than steel
Only to realize that in anger
You had decided to break the seal.

So go your way, my erstwhile friend
But pay close heed to what you say,
For I think, in the end, you’ll discover
That it’s only yourself you betray.

Author’s Note: Written for a disappointed friend who is still in search of either El Dorado or a Vietnam Veteran’s discussion list that actually concerns itself solely with Vietnam Veterans… whichever comes first. Submitted for the November 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Vinculum