Thurman P. Woodfork

Thurman P. Woodfork: A Visit to The Wall
Photo: ©Copyright 2001 by Thurrman P. Woodfork

Some years ago, they were having a ceremony at The Wall. I asked my brother if he’d ever been to The Wall, and he said no. Knowing that, during that time in his life, he did not like to go out alone, I asked if he would visit The Wall with me, and was surprised when he said yes.

So, we went down, parked the car quite a ways back from The Wall, and walked along with other people headed for the ceremony.

There was quite a crowd down by The Wall when we arrived, and my brother stopped beside the statue of The Three Soldiers. Some Big Wheel was giving a talk, and we stood there listening for a time, slightly apart from the crowd.

A TV cameraman, scanning the faces looking toward The Wall, paused for a moment with his video cam pointed at us. I suppose he was attracted by the obvious family resemblance – two brothers, solemnly looking down at The Wall.

After a bit, he continued his scanning.

A little later, my brother said, I’m ready to go, and I replied, OK, you don’t want to get any closer? He answered, “Not now; The Wall will be here for a time.” So we left, each with his own thoughts.

Author’s Note: My brother and I served in Vietnam together; he arrived a month or so before I did. He was at Pleiku; I was at Trang Sup, in Tay Ninh Province.

This article inspired the response, “A Visit to The Wall”
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