Bob Wombacher Jr

Bob is the owner, Bashful Bob’s Motel in Page, AZ 86040. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, 1945-46


Just what compels some jerk upstairs
To have a drink and put on airs,
While flying high, with stewardi,
And try to take command?
The next-to-heaven atmosphere
Just seems to dull instinctive fear,
Beneath those wings, of trying things
He’d never do on land.
He would not dare to utter “bomb,”
That wicked word, with cool aplomb.
In ticket line he’d best decline,
For fear of reprimand.
So if you spy some creepy guy
With terroristic glint of eye,
Who sports a gun, just peg him “done,”
Then search your soul,
And shout, “Let’s roll!”
Let’s help him reach his “promised land.”