Amy Wise

At the time of writing this poem, Amy was attending the Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Ga.


They are our fathers, sons, brothers, and friends.
They are our mothers, daughters, sisters and kin.
Their actions have been recorded throughout history.
They risked their lives to gain and preserve freedom.
The American Revolution, our claim to independence.
A Civil War that sadly divided our great nation.
They fought throughout the thick woods and icy snows
of northern Europe during two World Wars.
They fought throughout the mountains of Korea.
They fought in the jungles of Vietnam
and in the hot deserts of the Middle East.
They resisted swords, bayonets, bullets and grenades.
They saw scores of wounded comrades bleed and die.
Many of them died on foreign soil –
God was with them and held them in his arms.
Their caskets were draped with the flag-
Twenty-one shots were fired, then the
sad tune of Taps trailed across the land.
It was for freedom and principle that they fought
and this shall never, ever be forgotten.
There is a special plan for those who survive –
to tell the world about the sacrifices known.
God bless our veterans as we honor and salute them!!