Alan L. Winters


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: January 3, 2007
Awarded: January 3, 2007
Wind dancer follow the leaves to the sky,
Follow your dreams and you’ll fly.
Old man of the city the streets are your home
With no place to go so you go there alone.
As you walk through the gutter half out and half in
In search of a bottle that’s half full of gin.

In bitter cold weather in the sleet and the rain
You huddle in doorways to keep out the pain.
And you long for the days with the leaves and the sun,
And a breeze you can dance to till that day is done.
Wind dancer dance with the wind and you’ll see,
Follow the leaves and be free.

Author’s Note: I wrote this in the late 80s, lost it and rediscovered it recently. Originally it came to me as a song which I never quite finished but I think it stands well on its own. While waiting for a train home from work I saw a homeless man in his own private journey through space and time. He seemed to be content to dance with the blowing leaves and oblivious to others in the area. I envied him.