Alan L. Winters


Through your years you healed the sick
And returned to them their lives.
Gave birth and watched your children grow
And when their time was due
Gave birth to theirs anew.
But sadly now you’ve lost your youth,
Outlived your usefulness;
The time had come to close your doors
And turn the sick away.
A larger home now exists
With open doors and healing floors
But we’ll still remember you
And tears will still be shed
For we have lost a cherished friend,
Our hospital now is dead.

©Copyright February 4, 2010 by Alan L. Winters

Author’s Note: My mother was the first one in the family to be born in a hospital... Logan County Hospital, Guthrie OK, 10 Feb 1917. This was the hospital where she was born.

Logan County Hospital, Guthrie OKLogan County Hospital, Guthrie OKLogan County Hospital, Guthrie OK