Alan L. Winters


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: September 12, 2007
Awarded: September 12, 2007
It’s hard to say goodbye.
But, Linn, I knew the time was near
That we go our separate ways.
So I played it out within my mind
The words that I would say.
But the words just would not come.
Like a poem that’s yet unfinished
Or a song that’s yet unsung.
You always knew the words
That would help when I was down;
If only just a silent smile
To turn my thoughts around.
It isn’t easy leaving you;
You’ve meant so much to me.
But the time we spent together
Has come to see its end.
With one last kiss we turned away
And we both began to cry.
Thank you Linn, for being you;
It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Author’s Note: Ladies and gentlemen, I have struck proverbial pay dirt among my search of old poems to include in the Lulu book I am currently working on. I assure you, this will be included in the book. You have the rare distinction of being the very first people to read it. As I would write poetry while still employed, the people at work would become my sounding board except for this one poem. I wrote it in 1998 and it was so painful that it is the only poem I shared with no one including my mother. It was about leaving my dear friend in Vietnam. The last time I saw her was on April 1, 1972 yet she resides forever in my heart. For many years I knew there was a private poem and I just found it tonight.

Alan L. Winters
September 10, 2007