Alan L. Winters


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: August 26, 2007
Awarded: August 26, 2007
Of late I’ve dreamed of rainbows,
Of meadows and of Brahms.
And Linh, of late, I’ve also dreamed of you.
At times my life has been a storm
With not a ray of sunshine to be seen.
But deep within the recess
Of a long tormented mind
You’ve been there when I needed you
To ease relentless pain
And Linh, you are my rainbow through the rain.
And as the sun returns the warmth
I see the peaks and valleys
And all the meadows in between.
And watch as doe and fawn appear
Grazing on the fresh green grass,
And I know that you, Linh, are the deer.
And in the cacophony of a foolish war
I dream of peace and Bach and Brahms,
And heal my wounds with symphonies.
And you, Linh, are the flute that calms

Author’s Note: Linh was my dear friend in Vietnam