Alan L. Winters


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 26, 2006
Awarded: May 26, 2006
Part: The First

Listen now my blacksmith friend
For I am off to war
And in need of shield and sword
That I may defend myself and more,
Yet strike a mighty blow against the foe.
I am not a wealthy man
But labor hard throughout the day
To till the soil and plant the hay.
So will you now, my blacksmith friend,
Melt down my hoe and spade
And forge for me the armaments
That I have asked be made?
Stoke the fire till metal glows
Then strike against your anvil hard.
And let its ring be a battle cry
As I fight for crown and country
So far from friends and home.

Part: The Second

Oh blacksmith friend I come to you
With tales now to tell.
For two long years I’ve fought the foe
And returned through gates of Hell.
Protecting me from scars of war
Your shield served me well.
And proudly did I raise my sword
Against the enemy.
But now the war has ended,
The land at peace again.
So I’ve returned to till the soil
That I may harvest winter hay.
And now, my friend, I beg of you
As only you can know.
Melt down my shield and armaments
And forge for me a spade and hoe.