Dorothy Wing

Dorothy, a Canadian, is a lady of many professional accomplishments and a fine artist.


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 218. 2010
Awarded: October 218. 2010
Our young man went out on patrol
He was ordered to
This was his job
Like we go to the office
or fix a leak in the faucet.

The ground was rough
No paved road to travel on.
Who goes first?
The obedient, the brave, the ‘dared’?

A flash of pain, a roar, a bright light
And – please God – don’t let me live.
How can I walk
How can I love
Who will want me
Who will love me?

Who do you see when you look at me?
I see a man who was active
Level with others
Living physically
Willing to get into the ‘fray’ of life
A Canadian.

And Now?
I didn’t think it would cost me
My legs.
For God’s sake
My Legs.

For God’s sake
I’m an Officer
In Command
Standing up – tall

Now half alive
Half a man
Un – in Command
Un – independent

What is there to say?
What is there to do?
To Say –
You are more than your legs
You are more than what you see

You are living, thinking, feeling
caring, hurting, loving, angry
Doing with your hands
eating, talking,
But – not running
not running

Help Me
I, who never needed help
Now – dependent
Help me

First – KNOW
know beyond a doubt
That to be truly an adult
one must be able to give,
and to take
It’s all right to ask
And mandatory to be given
Help – new legs, wheelchair.

We are Canadian, of this land of Canada
Help – emotional
We are to feel love, give love
stir our loins
give you passion
even imagine our passion

To play chair basketball
Let’s try golf, even Ping-Pong!
For God’s sake
Let’s try kissing, fondling
caring, laughing
I will – help me – come close.

What do you see when you look at me?
When I still feel desire
When I am still a man.

Any adult, any Canadian
Must get to the point
Of – independence – dependence
[be alone, be part of a group, family, officers, soldiers]
– giving and taking
[not just one or the other – both]
– feeling and physical
[accepting ‘me’, myself]
– financially independent
[able to take my place in any community
money to manage, officer or soldier
minus 2 legs.
An equal to you, the officer, the soldier, the person.

And I will find a way
to be useful
to take my place
in Canada.

“Who do you see when you look at me”, said Bonhoeffer,
A cripple? – broken outside?
A man who understands,
has something to say,
to stand up for?
And thus has something to do
has someone to be

Who do you see when you look at me
As equal as anyone else
In the Canada we each make
As we face the world
And face each other
with respect, equally
knowledge, feeling?

Who do you see when you look at me – and yourself?
Asked, by Canada, to be a soldier.

One way – or another
A basic wage for all Canadians – mind and body given
A person for work done for Canada
Without legs – or arms
Unable to hold, to hug, to feed oneself.

You mean – I have to use my FEET!
to hold, to hug
to feed myself?

In the meantime – give me research
Hey – World Wheelchair Rugby!

Though parts of me are gone, dead
I will not die
I will love
equal to all others
I am Canadian.

You cannot live another’s life
You can only try to make this a better world
And appreciate what you have
who you are – a person, alive, caring,