Michael Jay Wilson

Michael is the son of Thomas Wilson Jr., retired Colonel USAF who is the recipient of four Silver Stars and three distinguished flying crosses for gallantry fighting over Vietnam as one of the first Wild Weasels to fly these suicide missions over North Vietnam. Tom “Bear” Wilson now lives in the ‘Big Thicket’ country of Texas and has authored nine novels, three of which tell the fantastic story of these U.S. Wild Weasels who knew no fear.


Meet the zero, a son of a hero,
who brashly stormed, the Valley of the Dead.
Knowing no fear, throughout these years,
except those borne, by whom he loved and bred.

Ten years of war, which literally tore,
his anxious brood, plus our nation in two.
Alone with Mom, we heard her sob,
as worries grew, for our warrior in blue.

Four Silver Stars… medals won so hard,
could not replace, the terror we had faced.
We did our part, but knew in our hearts,
we’d lost our grace, in these terrible days.

Triumphs traded, our warriors degraded,
protests for peace, took over our streets.
Offering shame, rather than acclaim,
For men of war, who saw such horror.

Nothing I do, could help live up to,
what these men gave, sans pride or parade.
So don’t deride, when I say with pride,
I am zero, the son of a hero.