Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud: Work Together!Healer, healer, Spirit man,
hear my plea and understand
my kin need a helping hand,
lost in worries, troubles now,
help us gather while we can.

Leader, leader, warriors, chiefs,
in both war and peace,
red path, white path make your stand;
lead your People across this land.

Women, women, Mothers, friends
the Earth needs you to attend,
hear how slow her heart is beating,
she is dying – she truly needs us.

Children, children, hear the call,
animal, plant, birds, and man,
it is time to close the Circle,
gather near and start to remember.

Ceremonies, sacred rites, dream
now Dreamers
bring us backbeat the drums,
play the flutes;
let your voices lift in prayer.

Nations, world, all the peoples,
red, yellow, black, and white,
hand-to-hand circle all,
make an effort lift the pall.

Each one of us has to give to make this right,
we can no longer say we have nothing to offer,
listen closely to your heart:
join your kin in this fight.

To clean the land, and clean the air,
we must work together; do not despair,
Creator is watching what we do,
the end of times is near,
what does Creator think of you?