Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud: Words!

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing
Awarded: January 14, 2007
Hope: it is true is that thing with wings,
fragile, tender, and clean,
heart is the beat of grandfathers drum,
here lives the words that flow gently from so deep inside.

Dreams: are the meat of everyday life,
kept safely hidden away in the dark,
taken out and thought over small changes are made,
then returned like the treasure they are.

Truth: is the light of Grandmothers smile,
softly rosy and new with each breaking dawn,
so long as it is followed the walk is not hard,
but a pleasure with every yard.

Joy: is the elusive sought;
sometimes the distractions lead us afar,
until the immature grow wise,
we are blinded by what glitters and glows like diamonds and gold.

Charity: it is said must first start at home,
it is the true enemy of evil and greed,
the gifting that is thought freehand straight from the heart,
the most selfless of deeds.

Alone: is sometimes the best place to be,
I cannot grow strong until I first know and like me,
it is only then true wisdom takes seed,
to look inside of self is to begin to mature.

Freedom: is to be bound,
the greatest of bonds in the world to be found,
to treat others with honor, love, and respect,
these were the lessons my grandmother taught.

Life: is for living, not thinking about,
exploring the wonders of our Mother Earth,
giving, and getting, learning, and pain,
tasting the joys of sunshine and rain.

Hatred: the most destructive force known to man,
something the animals do not understand,
only mankind kills for pleasure,
only mankind truly hates one another.

Evil: is mankind’s ego,
the place to lay blame for those too weak to accept their own doing,
how easy to say, the “devil” made me do it,
rather than change the world as we see it?

Kindness: is the place we must start,
hard work and color blindness,
caring for others outside our own neighborhoods,
reaching out to the rainbow that makes up the world.

Happiness: will only be ours when we have learned how to smile,
the pressure is on us to reach deep inside,
to find again that loving, forgiving small child.

War: it is said is the way of the world,
and perhaps that is truth,
until we control our own temper tantrums the ills of humanity will only run wild.

Love: is the answer we each are seeking,
walking humbly again in childish wonder,
before our Creator with respect and true honor,
but for true love we must reach outside of our comfort zones.

Words: our very first lessons,
so many words and they have all lost real meaning,
so many things we say and yet we do not do them,
flowery and sweet, but empty of feeling.

Peace: will be ours when we live it not speak it,
find the pulse in your arm, this is the drum calling,
we are all Creators children,
loved as equals, not judged by our riches or colors!