Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Sheila Williams: Woman’s Heart!The fury that walks upon the earth
rests in a woman’s heart,
striking more deadly
than brother rattler’s sudden bite.

While battle rages all around
she calmly decides,
where best to take the children to hide,
do not step too near her if you value your life.

Cold and sure she will defend with her last breath,
telling herself inside,
when it is all over and all are safe,
then I can cry.

Mother of invention, desperation guides her mind,
what she protects is the future;
these are the laws Creator wrote in her soul.

Nothing else is so natural,
no rules obeyed quicker,
touch that child while she breathes,
and in her hand she will hold your bloody heart.

The weaker sex they call her,
those who came from far away,
made to be their servant, her mind easily swayed,
her body walked on.

They could not understand the warrior women,
who stood beside their men,
fighting on the battlefields,
and giving up their lives.

Women setting on the councils,
and speaking from their hearts,
what kind of man allows a woman
to decide about important matters?

Gentle and tender with hands soft as silk,
modest, and shy, their eyes kept cast down,
they worked when it was needed,
and struggled giving birth.

Silent they were with strangers,
and walked in humbleness,
they were always honest,
and shared all they had as they should.

And so it was, these gentle warriors
were so very misunderstood,
faces that never gave away how deeply they hurt,
while solidly they stood.