Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Sheila Williams: Family of Man!So still so silent the old one stands looking into the setting sun, though no words were spoken so very much is said.

Turning now to the children gathered at his feet, what does he tell them, how can this be explained without filling them with hatred?

He says a small prayer and begins to speak, and not one child stirs as they hang upon his every word, the love and respect they hold surrounds him like a blanket.

In the long and long ago, Uneque created a beautiful world, upon this world were placed many Nations of plant, animal, finned, and feathered.

And then the family of man; four colors were created told to love this Earth as their Mother, to walk in truth and honor, each Nation was given gifts and sent to the four Directions.

Go said the Great Being, grow, learn, and one day come together as a true family to share the gifts you were given to make the family whole.

Three of these Nations obeyed, though they went through many trials in the learning, these Nations found a way to live with Mother Earth.

You see children – that was the greatest lesson set; to learn to honor and respect Mother Earth, to care for and keep her clean, until they learned to do they would not honor each other.

For this is life itself, clean land, air, water, animals, and plants, the one Nation never learned their lesson but were consumed with greed.

Now we must have patience with these as if they were little children, though they cause so much hurt, one day they too will learn what they seek is not found in owning things.

Gather children when you can, reach out a loving hand, teach where you can, and keep a loving open heart.

It is our duty to make things better, not add to the hurt, turn the anger and hatred that you feel into the works of teaching good!