Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


So loudly do the children cry, as they walk into slowly the West;
the waning of the human race, as they face the last of their own mess.

Once the silence was heeded, as the spirits spoke their wisdom
today they brush aside the knowledge, as they hurry to their dooming.

No more are the waters clear, the air you cannot breathe
crying fills the whole earth, the sound of children starving.

Fear of death and aging, has become their greatest battle
no acceptance or honoring, fills their hungry spirits.

The Circle of life is a cycle, planned from the start of time
each life a place of learning filled with gentle guidance.

First lesson most important, the respect of all that’s living
humble hearts are needed, the open minds of small children.

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: January 2, 2009
Awarded: January 2, 2009
Sharing with each other, all the trials and troubles;
joining in the laughter, and all the joys of discovery.

Reaching out to stretch our wings, like the feathered fledgling
taking a few tumbles, but rising from the ashes in glory.

Holding close the caring, of all the human emotions
each has a place and time, even sometimes anger.

Soon will come a new day, a dawning like no other,
washing away the pain of time; a renewing of our connections.

Sweet Mother Earth has waited, so patiently and loving
Creator stirs the Four Winds, the face of Father Sky is clearing.

Watch closely as we approach, prepare as your Elders told you
be honest in your daily life, and keep your heart always humble.

Walk softly in your speaking, and tender with your brothers
do not turn aside a call for help, share all you have been hiding.

Be wise in your dealings, and gather in the knowledge
stand proudly when your name is called, and remember Creator is watching!