Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud

Sheila Williams: Count My Days!COUNT MY DAYS!

Into your heart the truth is creeping, that the sands of time are leaking, seeping slowly away and there is no stopping what Creator so long ago set in motion, and the circle is still going.

A song, a dance, sweet romance, the childhood play of hearts, the angry spat that gives excuse for kisses in the making up, dark night lit by soft moon glow makes ones spirit flutter.

Love a word or an action, the touch alone can tell, the smell of flowers slowly dying is sometimes the best memories of life, fresh dewy bloom of youth is gone but the preciousness remains.

The all night sessions of talk and chatter ended somewhere along the way, too comfortable by far we seem my best friend and I; yet beneath, there simmers a resentment I cannot explain.

One look into your eyes flips my tummy over, it was that very feeling that brought my hard heart to its knees; curiosity took hold and now controls my need to know.

How many life times will it take, to discover what it is that makes the human so very fragile, one cross word can make the biggest hole, hate destroy the living soul.

Hurry then into the stream, grab the biggest fish by tail, hitch a ride on life’s own tide, and never fear the next sharp turn, face with strength that last blind step into the growing darkness.

Stars above will guide with silver light my dancing the spiral, the great universe is mine tonight, as I wish this life good bye, across the veil my spirit sails into eternal laughter.

The greatest tragedy is the fear instilled of deaths blankness, the mystery of the ages, how far we have come and yet travail in screaming blindness against that final magic.

Wait what is it that I hear, can it be my loved ones calling, each trembling foot so halting set as I cling yet to this madness, what waits ahead can be no worse than this valley I travel.

Golden light sunshine bright breaks through the clouds of sadness, meadow green, and waters blue, sky above clear and clean, afar shimmers the mountains purple and silver shadowed.

Broken body cast away as youth has reclaimed it, no pain, no tears, no clouded mind filled with terrors, forest dark holds no fears; it is I am told a waiting place in a gentle whisper.

Am I willing to walk again that troubled place called living, given flesh that grows old in time though yes the youth is gloried, to watch again as the sands seep out and count my days with numbers!