Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud


Sheila Williams: Child’s Heart!Gentle bright and clean, whispering happy mountain stream, New Mexico gives my heart wings, catwalk beyond the trail, rope bridge above the cliffs.

Small one person path winding along, a silence here gifting true thought, Apache tears litter the way tiny rubies in the stream, so many treasures mine to claim.

Little girl hiding pain finds a haven of spirit peace, slowly hiking up the trail, left behind now the cruel world lays, here is joy pure and sweet beneath the face of Father Sky.

Secret slice in the wall, slip through into another world, fire pit built for roasting rabbits, tea made of wild mint and cedar, sage and tobacco for the fire, sacred scent is rising.

This is my place, filled with comfort Mother Earth wrapped around me, feathers gathered in a pile, rainbow colors make me smile, soon enough to make a fan.

Colored stones and turquoise, cat eyes, and malachite, so much beauty mine alone, tiny cave in the back treasures there never mine, they are sacred and left alone.

How does someone nine winters know, that once an ancient holy one once held this place, by the way the stones are laid, and the teachings of my grandparents.

Blue Jay fusses at my shoulder, telling me he controls here, horned toad lies sunning on a boulder; scorpion loses his fight with road runner.

Tiny creatures come to visit curious about this stranger, kangaroo rats and ground squirrels, rill of water sings as it comes falling, filling the pool then falls farther.

Crooked ancient cotton wood makes a cool slanted shadow, light breeze through the falling water making the droplets in the sunlight sparkle, throwing rainbows on the rock walls.

Silver water fresh and cold, perfect place for little brown feet, gurgling laughter bubbles up as field mouse comes slipping closer, the roasted corn smell irresistible to her.

Soon it will be time to leave, my haven safe from everything, back to grandmothers fire, wood to gather along the way, ready now to face again a world that does not understand me.

Two jack rabbits in my pack I would never go home empty handed, farther downstream the water moves fast, my favorite place slick rock big enough to slide on.

One good dunking and I head home; secret smile helps me to go on; how I miss my mountain play ground and those happy days so filled with sunshine.

If only I could show the world, the precious beauty captured there, gift to them what truly matters is a safe place in a child’s life, and the child that hides in their own heart!