Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud

COLORS MINGLED!Sheila Williams: Colors Mingled!

Purple was the sky before the moon had risen, misty was the ground from the heat of day captured, silent was the air still as death around us, fear a beating heart from all that were still living at the ending.

Scarlet even in the dark was the blood upon the ground, trembling in shock and disbelief of all that they had seen – a People decimated in their own homelands lay dead upon the ground.

Blood red was the moon as he lifted above the mountains rim; shading into orange as grandmother lit him from beneath, no cloud marred the beauty of this stark and lonely scene.

Blue were the soldiers who rode into our village, silver flashing from their swords like lightning flashing, thunder roared from the guns the cannons shook the ground, tell me was this war or slaughter?

Golden was the sun rising as the prayers rang across the valley, happy was the laughter and the splashing as the children went to water, carefree and unaware of the day of death before them.

Black as thunderheads came, the crowd of warriors, boiling over killing all that came before them, no prejudice was shown as all were killed in equal numbers; it did not seem to matter so long as it was living.

White was the skin color of those who chose to be the masters, brown was the skin of those who fell their eyes blank with terror, never will we see again the days of peace and joy.

Green were the hills covered in wild flowers, spring breezes carrying the fragrance lifted to the heavens, bright was the future of the children who died that day for no better reason than a piece of land.

Purple was the sky, before the moon had risen, shading into lavender and sad shades of grey, misty was the ground from the heat captured, silent was the air the fear prevented screaming.

Scarlet even in the dark was the blood upon the ground; spilt by the hand of man in the name of God, blood red was the face of brother moon as if even he could not escape their wrath.

Colors mingled and mangled by the very humans they were created for, no hint of kindness showed only this march for glory, one more day in the soldier’s life the finish of his training.

Human killing human with no saving grace, no reason known, no excuses, no quarter for the weak or young, from sun up, till sun down death raged around them, where were their thoughts, trapped inside and still today unanswered!